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IMUN 2021

A Letter From Secretary-General

Distinguished Delegates, Advisors and Esteemed Guests,

I am truly honored to welcome you on behalf of the Secretariat to the first iteration of the national FMV Işık Model United Nations Conference (IMUN) which will take place from May 21st to May 24th, 2021.

We, the youth, live in a constantly evolving world with cutting-edge technological advances and the rapid expansion of human knowledge. Even as I write this letter to you, there are scientists, activists, and peacekeepers working relentlessly at the frontiers to create a sustainable and prosperous future. Due to their commitment, we have more doors unlocked than ever before, and more opinions are recognized than ever. As much as we are thankful for the thriving opportunities we enjoy, we have to recognize that the voice and the chances we are granted are not universal. War massacres, the calamitous effects of climate change, and the weight of racism are shutting the doors and taking away our friends’ voices all over the world. It aches me intensely to think that whilst I appreciate the benefits of quality education, a caring family and a prosperous country, there are people of the same age as mine fighting for their daily lives without realizing what the future holds for them. We, young people, must refuse to accept the status quo and raise our voice in the long-standing fight for a genuinely equal, peaceful and prosperous future for us and the next generation. That, I reckon, is why the United Nations concept was introduced in the first place.

In its first year, FMV Işık MUN aims to remain close to its core principle of providing a forum whereby, in a competent and collaborative setting, its participants and every person involved in its creation can gain intellectual and personal growth.

With ten international bodies in service, FMV Işık MUN strives to resolve a multitude of global issues, from economic to humanitarian, and serve the needs of both newcomers to veterans within the institution’s scope.

My contributions alone as Secretary-General cannot make up the IMUN as it stands today. I would like to send my heartfelt thanks to those who have accompanied IMUN this year and who will accompany IMUN in the years ahead. The Secretariats, the Advisors and most importantly, the Delegates are the people who have made it possible for IMUN to carry on its mission.

As my final remarks, I encourage those who are still reluctant to embark on this journey with us. Let your passion be reflected in your voice, your resolution and your friendship.

Best Regards,



IMUN 2021